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Tantimber invests $10 million in new facility

Tantimber, a manufacturer that transforms wood (which is already a natural and organic building material) into a durable and long-life product with Thermowood technology, is investing $10 million into a nearly 300,000 square foot production plant in Duzce, Turkey.

Since 2017 Tantimber has set out to add value to outdoor spaces with its decking, cladding, louver, laminated beams, and finger-jointing products with raw materials obtained from sustainable forestry. Currently, Tantimber manufactures thermally modified cladding and decking products in accordance with the International Thermowood Association standards in its facility located in Sakarya Turkey. Tantimber will increase its production capacity by more than 100% with the new plant which is planned to start up in October.

Tantimber, which currently exports to 60 countries, will further strengthen its global position with the new facility, says Tantimber CEO Yakup Kayataş.

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“We are investing in our second plant in just five years, on what started with the vision of supplying the best in the industry. We are proud of being a brand that currently exports to 60 countries and is preferred in the most prestigious projects in both domestic and international markets. The award we received for our contribution to exports at the Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Sector Consultation Meeting held by the Istanbul Exporters’ Association in 2021, along with our export capacity in forest products is proof of this. We have been involved in many big projects in the different countries. We want to crown our sustainable growth, which we have achieved with the care and successful steps we take in our business, with our new factory, in which we are investing $10 million. We will continue to increase our R&D activities in our new factory to offer our new ideas to our customers. On the other hand, we are very happy and proud to contribute to the Turkish economy by creating employment opportunities for nearly 100 employees.”

Tantimber is a well-established brand of thermally modified wood products throughout Europe. G Wood Products, the exclusive distributor of Tantimber products in the U.S., is in the initial stages of introducing the product to our market. To learn more, contact Mehmet Zenginler, co-founder and managing partner, at

What is Thermowood technology?

Tantimber products are subjected to high-quality thermal modification at international standards. Thus, products gain endurance to all climate and weather conditions. Thermal modification process (Thermally Modified Timber – TMT) is the process of minimizing the dehumidification and deformation behavior by raising internal temperature of the wood above 392º F. As a result of the decomposition of bonding water contained in the wood, products reach to the maximum resistance against climatic constraints, become resistant to the fungal growth and decay. TMT is a natural process in which no chemicals are involved. It does not leave a toxic residue on the product.

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With the applied high temperature in the core of the wood the moisture is being released and the humidity gets fixed at 4 to 7% which prevents Tantimber products from being attacked by wood-decay organisms such as fungi and insects. Tantimber products are developed as a perfect fit for use in harsh weather conditions.

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