Tantimber® TENI® Clip System

A revolutionary hidden fastener

Tantimber’s TENI Clips‘ unique design offers a 1/4-inch space between decking boards and a 1/3-inch space between the joists and deck boards. The spacing ensures proper drainage and constant air circulation and increases the lifespan of the wood joists by preventing stagnant moisture that can cause decay.

Suitable for residential and commercial decking installations, the TENI Clip’s hidden fastener system allows for quick and easy removal of the deck board should it need to be replaced or turned over. Simply pry the board using an appropriate tool for maintenance, cleaning, or recovering an item under the deck.

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Made from UV and weather-resistant POM plastic material, TENI Clips are suitable for outdoor use and with softwood and hardwood joist installations.

TENI Clips are designed to work with boards that do not shrink more than 1/32-inch in width after installation and are not suitable for conventional kiln-dried wood decking products, composites, WPC, or other hybrid products.

The TENI Clip System is available from G Wood Pro. Visit us at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, booth C8205.

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