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Tech Talk: Arnold Lumber

How real-time data analysis from its ERP system enables better business decisions.

Q: The technology powering today’s ERP platforms offers companies more data than ever. How does Arnold Lumber Company leverage the data from your Epicor software?

A: We utilize the power of Dashboards and Smart Views within BisTrack to push out actionable data instead of waiting for emailed reports. Dashboards give our users near real-time data, and drilling down into that data with Smart Views allows them to respond and react immediately. Our operations and logistics teams leverage custom built Smart Views that gather all the data they need to be effective, together in one place, for more informed decision-making. Combining that data with information from our Epicor Warehouse Management System has really given our teams a clearer view of the entire operations process and flow.

Q: While our industry battles unprecedented supply chain issues, how does Epicor help you maintain accurate inventory counts in real time?

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A: Epicor’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is key to maintaining accurate inventory levels. The receiving to shipping process is much more streamlined, and operations can really control the flow of the picking process. The ability to drill down into the per-operator action logs really helps to find inefficiencies and areas of the operations that could use more attention. The perpetual cycle count functionality has given us the ability to narrow down the specific product stocking areas that have higher rate of miscounts. After we make changes, we then use the same data to validate that the changes were successful in reducing count inaccuracies. Right product, right place, right quantity.

Q: How do Epicor’s technology tools help manage margins and navigate pricing issues?

A: BisTrack offers many options to customize customer pricing, whether it’s through price profiles, pricing bands, pricing rules, promotions, discounts, or a combination of options. The ability to import and stage buying and selling changes to be released automatically for a future date is a real time -saver for the purchasing team.

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Q: Fleet management is more important than ever as drivers are hard to find. How does your software help you manage your deliveries?

A: We have integrated Geotab with BisTrack journey planner, providing our dispatch teams with automatic journey starts and completion events via geofences. We have near real-time visibility of our vehicle locations directly in BisTrack, making it easier to stage for the next returning vehicle. WMS prints shipping labels on demand, and we’re in the process of automating the delivery paperwork printing process.

Q: Many of Epicor’s services are available in real time and for mobile devices. How does Arnold Lumber Company take advantage of these offerings?

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A: We use the BisTrack Delivery app to capture notes and images of deliveries and credit notes, as well as customer signatures. We use the real-time vehicle location functionality enabled by Geotab’s integration with BisTrack to assist logistics in planning. Our outside salespeople have access to real-time information via BisTrack Web, and our customers have access to their account information and pricing through our Web Track portal and our Arnold Lumber mobile device app.

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