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Tech Talk: Denise Brookhouse, Koopman Lumber

Denise Brookhouse Tech Talk
Denise Brookhouse


Denise Brookhouse is the CFO of Koopman Lumber in Whitinsville, Mass. Denise, her husband, Tony, and her brother, Dirk Koopman, make up the third generation leadership team at Koopman Lumber.


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Q: The technology powering today’s ERP platforms offers companies more data than ever. How does Koopman leverage the data from your Epicor software?

A: BisTrack gives us the ability to customize dashboards to individual users needs by putting the information and data that they need on a daily basis at their fingertips. They can also push information out to the employees for tasks to be completed or an area that needs attention. Smart Views can be used to calculate data automatically rather using manual spreadsheets, which saves us time. With customization, the possibilities are endless, so it’s really a matter of harnessing the data for the company’s benefit.

Q: While our industry battles unprecedented supply chain issues, how does Epicor help you maintain accurate inventory counts in real time?

A: BisTrack has barcoding and scanning abilities to quickly receive and track inventory. Related documents is a tool that stores all the paperwork and information digitally relating to an individual order. By having the purchase order, acknowledgement, packing slip, stock receipt and supplier invoice easily viewed, inventory issues can be solved quickly.

Q: How do Epicor’s technology tools help manage margins and navigate pricing issues?

A: The benefit of BisTrack is the many ways to change and manage pricing and margins so that you can really dial-in what is best for your customer base. Our previous system was “one size fits all,” but now we have the benefit of changing metrics through imports, price rules, price bands, buying rules, selling discounts, promotions, bulk pricing, etc. It comes down to having a bunch of “tools in the toolbox,” which will allow us to be much more dynamic going forward. The future of our business will be much more heavily focused on e-commerce sales, so our ability to make changes quickly will determine our ultimate success.

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Q: Fleet management is more important than ever as drivers are hard to find. How does your software help you manage your deliveries?

A: The fleet management software that we use from BisTrack helps us to eliminate downtime for our drivers and trucks which is tremendously important in today’s climate. We use GPS Insight which integrates right into BisTrack and tracks the time of each truck’s runs and uses a geo-fence to help capture time in and out of the yard. We also use GPS Insight and the Delivery Dispatch in tandem as a customer service tool that the sales team can pull up to get real time information on the location of the delivery trucks.

Q: Many of Epicor’s services are available in real time and for mobile devices. How does Koopman take advantage of these offerings?

A: We utilize the BisTrack Delivery app to offer real time invoicing on orders while on the jobsite as well as to take pictures of delivery drops and credit pick-ups and obtain signatures from customer electronically. This allows the sales team, the company, and the customer to ensure the delivery is completed in full and on time. GPS Insight also integrates with Epicor to drive reporting around truck usage and maintenance to allow for planning of downtime on the trucks. We can get real time feedback through reports that tell us about idle-time, electrical systems, and fuel usage. We can also drive safety using the reporting around the truck checklists done on mobile phones by the drivers. The system also tracks speeding violations to be used by the managers for follow up safety conversations with our drivers.

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