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Brock Even is the VP, CFO, and treasurer of Spahn & Rose Lumber in Dubuque, Iowa.

A conversation with Brock Even of Spahn & Rose Lumber

Q:The technology powering today’s ERP platforms offers companies more data than ever. How does Spahn & Rose leverage the data from your Epicor software?

A: With 26 Spahn & Rose locations, including the corporate headquarters and distribution center, we utilize the data to create dashboards and reports to help us determine where and when potential issues may arise, as well as find opportunities to streamline processes throughout our company. These processes could be anything from improving pricing and margins or coordinating deliveries. BisTrack allows us to scrub and look for any inconsistencies across our business. By utilizing BisTrack, we don’t enter into any decision as a management team without full, data-backed knowledge. With that data and knowledge, we’re able to put consistent policies and practices in place, whether that’s at one location, or company-wide.

Q:Spahn & Rose is an Iowa-based company with two locations in Georgia. How does Epicor help lessen the distance between locations?

A: Within BisTrack, we have data integrity no matter how far away a location may be from headquarters. This integrity allows us peace of mind to implement consistent processes across all locations. BisTrack allows us to centralize functions remotely, so that we don’t have to create multiple back-office functions at any location or region.

Q:While our industry battles unprecedented supply chain issues, how does Epicor help you maintain accurate inventory counts in real time?

A: We use inventory cycle counting within BisTrack. This function generates reports that allow us to count the items in our system to make sure we’re accurate in real time and on a consistent basis. We run weekly cycle count reports, and we have our locations complete cycle counts every week to keep our inventory accurate across facilities. Epicor’s cycle counting allows us the capability to look at high-turning items more frequently than low-turning items, ensuring up-to-date inventory counts.

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Q:How do Epicor’s technology tools help manage margins and navigate pricing issues?

A: Using Epicor means we’re able to review inventory based on replacement cost and average cost. We’re able to update our pricing weekly based on commodity price fluctuations and manage regional-level pricing based on the needs of those local area markets. We also create margin goals within BisTrack and during the quoting process; we flag areas where there are potential issues to help us review our pricing strategies.

Q:Fleet management is more important than ever as drivers are hard to find. How does your software help you manage your deliveries?

A: We utilize the dispatch and delivery functions at some locations. This feature allows us to more effectively plan routes and make sure our trucks are at capacity so we are more efficient in our deliveries. This also allows us to fully utilize our fleet at these locations to help take the guesswork out of capacity needs.

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