ProVia Terra Cut Manufactured Stone

Heritage Stone by ProVia® Launches New Terra Cut Manufactured Stone Collection, Unique in the Marketplace

Heritage-Stone-Terra-CutHeritage Stone by ProVia announced the launch of their new Terra Cut stone collection, which offers a uniquely dramatic look for manufactured stone products. The design of Terra Cut combines the natural characteristics of weatherworn, coarse-grained and coral style stones, providing impressive effect with deep shadowing and contrasting texture variations. Remodelers, architects and homeowners alike will love Terra Cut for its bold design statement on the home. Terra Cut is available in three color choices: Slate, Russet and Summit.

Terra Cut Manufactured Stone: Unique in the Marketplace

Terra Cut manufactured stone offers several unique advantages for dealers, remodelers and homeowners:

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  • The design combines three distinctly different stone styles – weatherworn, coarse-grained and coral
  • The three stone styles create attention-getting visual interest, with deep shadowing and variations in texture
  • The Slate color option is different than typical gray manufactured stone on the market. Other grays can tend to be more flat and one-dimensional. Terra Cut’s Slate gray is blended with hints of brown, rust and plum shadings, providing a richness in hue more typical of that found in the natural mineral deposits in stone. This also provides great opportunities for complementary color accents in other components of the home’s exterior.

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