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The AI-Powered Game-Changer for LBM Businesses

As a small business owner, you’re already wearing multiple hats, juggling the day-to-day while plotting a course for future growth. In this relentless pursuit, one of the stark challenges you face is how to provide the same level of instant, round-the-clock support that big-box competitors offer, without the luxury of their vast resources. It’s a daunting task, but not insurmountable.

In today’s day and age, customers have come to expect instant support and round-the-clock service. Having your own website is a start; but what’s a (digital) storefront without an always available (digital) agent? In the LBM industry, while many customers have a clear vision of their project outcomes, the path to achieving these goals can often seem obscure. This underscores the importance of delivering immediate, accurate responses to bolster customer confidence and seize potential sales opportunities.

Enter (powered by Starfish Web Ventures), the game-changer for small to medium-sized building material businesses looking to bridge this crucial gap. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, specifically tailored and fine tuned for your individual retail business, offers a cost-effective solution to providing 24/7 customer support. This innovative tool not only meets, but consistently exceeds, customer expectations—ensuring that their queries are addressed promptly, regardless of the hour or level of complexity.

Seamless Integration and Customization

With, integration into your existing website is straightforward. The platform allows for seamless importation of training materials directly from your website content,  enabling the AI to become an expert on your products and services. This means that can provide accurate, context-aware answers to your customers, guiding them through complex building projects or simple product inquiries with ease. In addition, the AI-powered chatbot can also be trained on various files (PDFs, CSVs, audio files) or linked to other cloud services such as Google Drive or OneDrive. Moreover, customization options are abundant—ensuring that the chatbot aligns with your brand’s voice and aesthetics, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Beyond Support: Driving Sales and Customer Satisfaction is more than just a customer support tool; it’s a sophisticated sales assistant. By engaging customers in meaningful conversations, it identifies upsell opportunities and guides them toward a purchase, effectively increasing your conversion rate. This capability to convert casual inquiries into sales 24/7, without additional human resources, is revolutionary for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Accessibility and Language Support

One of the unique advantages of is its multi-language support, making your business accessible to a broader audience. This feature is particularly beneficial for building material businesses that cater to diverse communities. By breaking down language barriers, you’re not only enhancing customer service but also expanding your market reach.

Lead Generation and Analytics goes beyond answering questions; it’s designed to capture leads and provide valuable insights into customer interactions. The platform can identify potential  sales opportunities and gather contact information, which can then be integrated into your CRM system. Additionally, the analytics feature offers a deep dive into customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to tailor your offerings and fine tune your AI bot to ensure constant improvements to better address future customer queries.

Easily Integrate Human Support (If Needed)’s adaptability shines in its operational modes, catering to diverse business  needs with AI mode, Human mode, or a Hybrid mode that smartly integrates the two. In AI mode, autonomously handles inquiries, leveraging its deep understanding of your products and services to provide instant, accurate support. For scenarios requiring a personal touch, Human mode enables your team to take over the conversation, ensuring that complex queries or high-value interactions are managed with the nuance and empathy only humans can provide. The Hybrid mode offers the best of both worlds, with intelligent chat escalations that seamlessly transfer more complicated or sensitive discussions from AI to human agents – either for instant takeover, or future follow-up (via an email notification to your team).

Stay Informed With Email Summaries

Stay fully informed and in control of your chatbot’s interactions with daily summaries delivered directly to your inbox. These comprehensive reports allow you to monitor conversation trends, identify areas for improvement, and upload additional training data as needed to enhance the chatbot’s performance. By keeping a close eye on how users engage with the chatbot, you’ll gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This continuous feedback loop not only ensures your chatbot remains highly responsive and effective but also helps you to better understand your audience, enabling you to tailor your services and products more precisely to meet their needs.

A Future-Proof Investment

Adopting is not just a solution for today’s challenges but a step towards future-proofing your business. As technology continues to evolve, the expectations of customers will only grow. Having a sophisticated AI assistant like ensures that your business remains at the forefront of customer service innovation, ready to adapt to future trends and technologies.

How To Get Started

Getting started with is straightforward and affordable, with plans commencing at just $49 per month.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist with onboarding, setup, and training, ensuring a smooth integration of into your business operations. Whether you’re new to AI technology or looking to enhance your existing customer support capabilities, our support structure is designed to meet your needs at every step.

Notably, CBS Bahamas, the leading home improvement retailer in The Bahamas, has been leveraging for over a year, achieving a remarkable cost savings of ~$5K monthly on their previous human chat expenses while boasting a far superior conversation feedback rating. This testament to’s efficiency highlights the significant value and savings it can bring to your business, making the decision to adopt this advanced customer support solution not just smart, but also cost-effective.

For small and medium-sized building material businesses looking to compete with larger counterparts, offers an unparalleled advantage. It empowers you to provide round-the-clock customer support, drive sales, and enhance customer satisfaction, all while managing resources effectively and being super simple to set up and maintain.

Embrace the future of customer service with, and transform the way you connect with your customers. Let this be your new secret weapon in not just surviving but thriving in the competitive landscape of the LBM industry.

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