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The “Death Tax” Exemption to Decrease by 50%—What Does This Mean For You?

The federal estate or “death tax” exemption is scheduled to be reduced by 50% on December 31, 2025, unless Congress acts to extend it or make it permanent. If no action is taken, the exemption amount will decrease to $6.8 million per person from its current 2024 level of $13.61 million per person. This potential expiration in estate tax law can have significant implications for independent business owners, affecting their tax liabilities, net worth, succession plans, and overall financial planning strategies. Staying informed about potential changes in estate tax laws and seeking professional advice are critical for business owners to effectively navigate these complexities.

In this webinar replay, we answer questions such as:

– How do I determine whether the estate tax will impact me?
– What are strategies for protecting my net worth regardless of whether the estate tax is repealed?
– Which is more important for me to plan for, the estate tax or the tax levied on the sale of my business?
– What steps should I be taking right now to prepare for an uncertain future?


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