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Code compliant and focus on customer service, U2 FASTENERS offers eight product lines that are a diverse lineup of all essential screw types for residential construction that engineers and contractors agree on for whatever project you undertake.

U2 fasteners product showcase +Along with the Universal, Construction, Fine, Re-Fine, Cap and TopStar™ screws U2 now offers Steel Siding and Vinyl Extrusion screws. The Steel Siding screw is an ideal metal roofing, siding, garage door seal, trim and flashing screw, with a low profile white powder coated head and EPDM washer. As the Vinyl Extrusion screw is an adjustable screw ideal for vinyl window retro-fits over old aluminum window frames. It has a small low profile white powder coated head and tek drill point.

Selection of 59 SKUs in 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Construction, Universal and Fine screws. Grade 316 is the standard molybdenum-bearing grade of stainless steel. The higher nickel and molybdenum content in this grade allows it to demonstrate better overall corrosion resistant properties, especially with regard to pitting and crevice corrosion… In addition, Alloy 316… provides excellent elevated temperature tensile, creep and stress-ruption strengths. Our fasteners are tested with the wet factor. The Cap screw comes in 305 stainless steel.

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U2 fasteners™ has its IAPMO (ER 454) evaluation to become one of few fastener companies that are evaluated and comply with the International Building Code and Residential Building Code for corrosion resistance (AC233) and structural strength (AC257). U2 fasteners™ coating was one of the first, if not the only one, which has passed to the 2015 requirements, with ground contact at 0.6pcf ACQ treated lumber (ER 454). U2 fasteners™ is the first fastener company which offers also chrome 6 free coating. This reduces the risk for end users not to develop skin cancer through constant use of fasteners with surface coating, containing chromium 6. Containing structural and GROUND CONTACT ACQ treated lumber compliant! To know more, visit the Code Approval section on our website.

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U2 FASTENERS™ is the GAME CHANGER in the fasteners industry.

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