The future of footings for decks and post frame buildings

FootingPad structural post foundations are engineered to meet or exceed the load capacity of concrete while reducing hassle, time, and labor costs. They’re a great add-on sale with higher margins than concrete. Floor displays and sales aids are also available.

FootingPad brand post foundations have been independently tested by ICC-ES and certified as a code-compliant alternative to concrete footings. With a ten-year track record, limited lifetime guarantee, and over 400,000 in the ground, FootingPad is trusted by contractors and code officials throughout the United States.

Footings may be used with any post type including ground-contact-certified treated wood, and precast or poured columns. FootingPad provides isolated post foundations in 10”, 12”, 16”, 20”, and 24” diameters, to meet the requirements for nearly any deck or post frame building project. To learn more, call 989.224.7095 or visit  (paid placement)

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