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The superior craftsmanship of Rollex Corporation

The founders of Rollex Corporation understood that superior craftsmanship and quality construction are critical to becoming an industry leader.

Now, more than 70 years later, Rollex Corporation maintains a leadership position as an innovator in aluminum soffit, steel siding, roofing accessories, and other related metal building products. Already the preferred choice of knowledgeable contractors, Rollex has also become a trusted name to millions of homeowners.

Rollex forged its leadership position by unwaveringly dedicating itself to meticulous precision, exercising vigilant oversight over every facet of the manufacturing journey. With an inhouse manufacturing facility encompassing its very own paint line, Rollex upholds an unyielding commitment to providing the highest quality products and services in the industry. This relentless pursuit of perfection renders Rollex the ultimate preference for contractors and homeowners seeking top-tier soffit, siding, and associated elements.

Integrated Manufacturing Process

Conscientious management of all aspects of the manufacturing process enable Rollex to consistently produce products of exceptional beauty and quality.

Rollex procures carefully chosen raw materials from reputable domestic suppliers and transforms them into finished building products, painting, roll forming, packing, and shipping—all from one convenient central location.

This gives Rollex the ability to adhere to rigorous specifications and achieve high precision, while ensuring a perfect color match across all product categories.

Paint Line

A singular feature of Rollex’s manufacturing process—one that sets our products apart from others available in today’s market—is our own paint line. For years, the company has invested strongly in this area, devoting millions of dollars to achieve consistent, high-quality finishes and specifications. In this way, we prevent color-match issues and can offer color consistency unequaled in the industry.

Rollex has developed its own proprietary formula for paints used during manufacture, ensuring consistency from product to product and from one production run to another. In addition to lab testing, our paints undergo stringent QA testing, including the careful measurement of each product with a spectrophotometer to ensure exact color matching. Even paint thickness is measured and held to specification using electroanalysis.

Additionally, our paints offer a rich variety of nuanced color choices for every taste and decorative style. New technologies using specially designed resins and pigments with an oven-fused system provide superior protection from scratches, marring, fade and chalk. Rollex provides beauty that lasts.

Our paints also provide optimal protection from severe weather damage.  They undergo freeze and boil tests, as well as cross-hatch, impact, and T-bend tests to ensure performance under the harshest of conditions.

Quality Control Testing and Inspection

Quality control is a crucial part of our product development process. At Rollex, QC starts even before manufacturing begins. We carefully inspect metal as it arrives to ensure it meets our stringent standards. If even one or two coils are damaged, we will reject the entire load. Throughout each shift, product is pulled from production each hour and QC tested for color, length, and overall appearance.


Manufacturing takes place in Rollex’s 300,000 square foot facility which has been strategically designed to maximize quality and productivity. It is a state-of-the-art, self-sufficient manufacturing plant. Our manufacturing process is performed using state-of-the-art, dedicated machinery, which is crucial to the consistent creation of the highest quality product.

Cutting-edge automation ensures consistent product uniformity.

In many roll forming applications, Rollex uses approximately 20 percent more stations per roll-former when compared with our competitors. This innovation delivers significant manufacturing advantages. Among these advantages are putting less stress on the metal, which in turn reduces oil canning and ensures worry-free product. Additionally, fewer tooling changes prevent misadjusted equipment, eliminating downtime and maintaining consistent product formation, time after time. This ensures timely delivery and the completion of customers’ projects. All Rollex products must meet exacting requirements to enable us to meet our goal of exceeding customer expectations.


Located In Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Rollex is minutes away from O’Hare International Airport, with access to the heart of our nation’s interstate highway system just to the east and west of the company’s front door. This location allows us to increase distribution efficiencies as well as source diverse raw material options from our supply partners, improving baseline costs.


The Rollex on-site engineering staff stand ready to design, test, and improve the new products that are required for an ever-changing industry. As new or updated standards and specifications are introduced, we are uniquely prepared to handle them.


Rollex is a recognized leader in the building products industry. We can supply almost any exterior finishing product needed to complete residential and commercial projects. We at Rollex intend to keep delivering the industry’s finest products, and we intend to nurture our relationship with our customers, so that we can adapt to meet present and future customer expectations and demands. Much is expected from those who lead. We deliver.

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