The Ultimate Clip

Saves labor, increases ventilation, and withstands higher wind loads.

Nichiha USA has introduced The Ultimate Clip, a new-and-improved installation system for its fiber cement Architectural Wall Panels that simplifies installation, saves time and labor, and improves long-term performance. The system, consisting of a starter track and a single model of clips, also increases useable applications for the high-performance panels, which capture the look of metal, block, stone, sandstone, brick, or cedar in less time and a fraction of the cost.Nichiha_Ultimate Clip

Ultimate Clip offers several enhanced features versus the Architectural Wall Panels’ previous clip system:

  • Streamlined installation: The Ultimate Clip and accompanying Ultimate Starter Track can be used for all installations; previously, architects and contractors had to choose from multiple clip styles and sizes depending on installation factors.
  • Labor savings: The 26-inch-long clips mean just two clips are needed per 6-foot panel.
  • Improved wind-load resistance: The Ultimate Clip’s larger surface area provides more engagement with the edges of the fiber cement panel, thereby increasing the overall system’s wind rating by 83%.
  • More robust rainscreen: Like the previous clip system, Ultimate Clip creates a built-in rainscreen that allows trapped moisture to drain away and dry out, protecting the building envelope and the health of occupants. The 10mm airspace is double that of the previous system, further enhancing ventilation and meeting AAMA 509.9 testing standards.
  • Increased durability: Ultimate Clip is made with stainless steel featuring a proprietary, corrosion-resistant coating.

As a result of these enhancements, Ultimate Clip allows for Architectural Wall Panels to be installed on taller structures and used for more complicated façade layouts.

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“Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels have been trusted by architects to provide not only eye-catching aesthetics for every exterior style, but also superior performance and a 50-year warranty to ensure a look that lasts,” says Michael Cobb, vice president of sales and marketing. “With the introduction of The Ultimate Clip, we are further improving on this trusted product line, allowing for easier specification, faster installation, and fewer limitations.”

Nichiha’s Architectural Wall Panels include Illumination Series, which delivers a sleek, bold look with a satin finish in virtually any color; ArchitecturalBlock, boasting the clean and linear appearance of concrete in modern tones with subtle seams; and KuraStone, rugged stacked-stone product.

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