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The Wood Screw That’s Transforming Construction

When you’re planning a construction project, the first step is to establish a plan. This requires a review of specifications and construction documents. Then you must decide about materials, such as studs, insulation, and drywall. Screws are often a lower priority and tend to get lost in the materials consideration. After all, they’re small and not where you’re spending the bulk of your budget. You may even just accept whatever your dealer has on-hand.

However, not all screws are created equally. When you’re using hundreds or thousands of screws on a job, the cost of fasteners really starts to matter. Picking the right screw can save time and money, reduce waste, and most importantly, help you work more efficiently. So, it’s time to select a screw that can deliver, drive-after-drive on those promises: the Grabber UltraPro Ultimate Wood Screw.

It’s named “Ultimate” for many reasons. UltraPro fasteners have earned the “ultimate” reputation for being sharper, faster, tighter, and cleaner than other fasteners on the market. It takes the hassle out of driving screws so you can concentrate on getting the job done. With unique, specially crafted features engineered for efficiency, its drive is unparalleled, and the advantages are clear. UltraPro comes in two finishes, both specially crafted for interior and exterior projects, so you can find the screw that will take every job to the next level. Selecting a screw may seem like a small step but making the right choice results in big differences throughout the job.


LOX® Recess

 From the very top, each Grabber UltraPro Ultimate Wood Screw is designed for efficiency and power. The head features our trademarked LOX® Recess precision fit, specifically designed for power tools. LOX Recess has eight points of contact, made to handle high torque with no strip-outs. In fact, compared to other head types, LOX can last more than twice as long before cam-out occurs. Phillips recess fasteners cam-out at one-half the torque level of the LOX Recess.

The specially engineered LOX bit has a tight fit to minimize wobbles and even allows you to drive with just one hand. It also makes removing a screw easier. Reversing out takes less work and there’s a much lower risk of stripping out the recess. LOX is designed for power tools to do the work for you – and to do it efficiently.

DrawTite Threads

Beneath the head, each UltraPro Ultimate Wood Screw has a set of our trademarked DrawTite threads. These are closely spaced to draw wood members closer together for a tighter and more accurate connection. Screws that have one thread type tend to push wood apart once the screw engages the second piece. The DrawTite threads are activated at the end of each drive to establish a connection which draws the second piece of wood close to the first. This means you achieve an incredibly tight bind with just one screw. A tighter bind means a stronger and more durable finished build.

UltraCut Threads

The lower threads on each UltraPro screw are the UltraCut™ threads. These reduce the driving torque. This in turn makes driving in a screw much easier, without applying additional pressure. The UltraCut threads make it easy to drive one-handed, or at an angle. UltraCut threads also reduce the risk of splitting by keeping the debris clear. You can place UltraPro screws as close as 3/8″ to the edge of your wood without the risk of splitting.

Type 17 Point

Install time is reduced with the Type 17 point found on every UltraPro screw. It immediately takes hold, without the need for pre-drilling, even on hardwoods. It initiates a drive so smoothly you won’t need to stabilize it with your other hand.

QuickGrab Point

The extra-sharp QuickGrab point drives immediately into wood without exertion on your end. You can even get it started by hand without a screwdriver to save yourself time switching tools. It stabilizes easily for off-angle driving in tight spots, even when you’re only using one hand.

Scavenger® II Spiral Head

The patented Scavenger® II spiral head self-countersinks, even into hardwoods. Unlike other fasteners, the recess won’t strip by trying to push the screw the last eighth of an inch. With Scavenger II the threads go all the way to the head of the screw. You can trust that each drive will result in a flat, flush surface that will make you proud.

Two Finishes. Nine Sizes

Whatever you’re building, there’s an UltraPro wood screw that’s right for the job. The Exterior GrabberGard® Gold screw features an exterior-grade coating with 1500-hour salt spray resistance (ASTM B117). This option is perfect for exterior projects like decking, fascia, brick mold and fencing.

For interior projects, opt for UltraPro Yellow Zinc screws. They install fast and give you more holding power than nails and other wood screws. They’re perfect for framing, fabrication, remodeling projects and more.

Each finish is available in nine lengths, from 1 1/4 inches to 5 inches. No matter the job, UltraPro will help you get it done faster, cleaner, and sturdier. 

Take the hassle out of driving

Anyone who has used wood screws has dealt with strip-outs, popped heads and screws that don’t seat flush. Those slow down the job and potentially affect the structural integrity of your project. With Grabber’s UltraPro Ultimate Wood Screws, you can minimize those issues and go back to concentrating on getting the job done right. Trust that you’ll get the fastest drive time available, a flush surface, tight connection, fewer cam-outs, and an overall easier time driving. When you’re building something excellent, start with excellent materials. The proper fasteners from Grabber make all the difference during construction and throughout the life of the project.

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