ThermoWood® Ash Decking

ThermoWood® Ash Decking
ThermoWood® Ash Decking

Harvested from sustainable North American timberland, Tantimber®‘s ThermoWood Ash Decking is an exceptional alternative compared to wood species from tropical forests. They are modern, long-lasting, non-toxic, dimensional stable and functional building solutions addressing different architectural aesthetics.

Tantimber’s ThermoWood Ash Decking are offered in a wide range of thickness, width and profile options that can be used comfortably in extensive pedestrian traffic areas such as boardwalks, parks, pool sides, shopping malls and more.

Tantimber’s ThermoWood Ash Decking products don’t expand, contract, warp, twist or become a food source for insects due to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity because of its low moisture content. This also makes it virtually impervious to fungi and bacteria that can cause decay.

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With FSC Certification and Class 1 durability classification, Tantimber’s ThermoWood Ash provides a minimum biological durability of 25 year. It has a beautiful brown tone, which naturally weathers over time to a beautiful silver-gray patina, if the wood is left untreated with pigmented and UV-protected wood oil. It’s chemical-free (non toxic), eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

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