Thermowood sidings from G Wood Pro

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Themrmowood by G Wood

G Wood Pro’s Thermowood sidings bring increased value to building projects because of their great durability. Furthermore, they provide a high degree of thermal insulation because of their unique composition and texture. 

Thermally modified wood sidings represent some of the most highly durable wood products available for extreme weather applications. For decorative purposes, they can be used as primary or complementary siding coverings for various architectural applications. 

Our Tantimber sidings are available in a variety of woods, including ash, pine, poplar, iroko, and ayous, and in a variety of cross-section profiles and sizes in order to meet your specific needs.  

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Many solutions are available for both horizontal and vertical applications, with unique siding profiles designed depending on the thickness required by the customer. 

To find out more, and to start using Thermowood in your next project or renovation, contact G Wood Pro for quality wood known for being durable, natural, and remarkable.

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