Three tips for building the right team in a changing LBM landscape

As businesses have struggled to keep up with the workload of the post-COVID economic rebound, LBM dealers in many markets have found it challenging to recruit and retain quality employees. But the trouble doesn’t end once the team’s roster is complete. Once the offers are accepted, it can be even harder to take the time to train the new hires, especially during a busy year.

While ramping up to adequate hiring and training levels, other business operations are taking a backseat. How you structure your team of new hires can help minimize these problems while also ensuring the new team is properly trained.

Things to consider when building your team: Building a solid team will help every area of your business. If you can find strong leaders and capable employees, your business will thrive. There are three keys to hiring a strong team that will help you keep up with business and innovate for the future:

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  1. Hire independent workers
  2. Don’t wait around when you find a good candidate
  3. Look at the culture within your organization

Independent workers

One of the worst things you can do for your business when you already have a lot on your plate is to hire a team that needs babysitting. There are several ways that this can manifest itself.

The first type of team you need to avoid is the one that needs supervision to do quality work. When you set your team on a task, you should be confident that your employees will do quality work—even if you aren’t there to oversee them personally.

Second, some teams lack integrity unless a supervisor is watching them and holding their hands. They will cut corners to save time, which ultimately harms both your business and that of your customers. A team with integrity will do the right thing even when nobody is watching.

You should build a team that shows passion for the work they’re doing. A lack of passion results in laziness, missed deadlines, and shoddy work. So, while you’re hiring, keep in mind how candidates convey a passion for the work they do. Handholding takes an enormous amount of time, which only draws your resources even farther away from more crucial tasks. If you make sure to build independent, passionate teams, you can dedicate your precious time where it’s needed most.

Don’t wait

As a recruiter, one of the most common mistakes I see in hiring is when companies wait to seal the deal with a candidate they want to hire. They think they can take their time before making an offer and wrapping them up, but today’s job market simply doesn’t allow for waiting around.

Job candidates have more options than ever before, so waiting a couple of days before making an offer can make a huge difference. If you’re quick on the draw, you have a much higher chance of making a great hire.

Also consider that waiting around to see if someone better comes along could cost you a great candidate. You will either end up settling for someone who’s just okay or leaving the position unfilled. Put simply, when you see a candidate you want, wrap them up quickly.

Be culture focused

Culture has become one of the main focuses of potential candidates when they consider joining a new company. What are the core values of your organization? What do you do in the community? What does your employee longevity look like? These are questions that every potential candidate is asking.

If you have strong answers for those questions, you’re like to attract best in class professionals who fit you.

At the end of the day, we spend more time with the people we work with than we do with our own families. People want to enjoy the group they work with and the organization they work for.

Cassie Fosher is vice president, partner, and executive recruiter for SnapDragon Associates. She’s worked for the firm since graduating from Plymouth State University in 2013.

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