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TimberHP launches North American sales of TimberFill

Sales of TimberHP’s loose fill insulation to be followed in the coming months by manufacture and market launch of TimberBatt and TimberBoard products

TimberHP is pleased to announce the beginning of sales of its first wood fiber insulation product, TimberFill, on the North American market. TimberFill, a loose fill insulation, can be blown in or dense packed for high performing, affordable, safe, and carbon negative coverage in attics, wall cavities, floors, and ceilings.

“We’re thrilled to begin selling these truly game changing insulation products in North America,” said TimberHP CEO Joshua Henry. “We believe the market is hungry for insulation that’s high performing and makes homes, their inhabitants and the planet safer and healthier.”

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TimberHP will be selling TimberFill through a variety of channels—including Service Partners, General Insulation, IDI, and numerous independent lumber dealers across the Northeast—with trailer truckloads leaving the company’s manufacturing plant, a repurposed and renovated former paper mill in Madison, Maine, weekly.

TimberHP recently announced an agreement with Cameron Ashley Building Products to be the wholesale distribution partner for its entire product offering—TimberFill, TimberBatt and TimberBoard. Cameron Ashley will provide TimberHP products to installers and retailers across the United States.

Sales of TimberFill come after more than a year and a half of renovation work inside the mill by Cianbro Corporation and set up and start up by TimberHP’s engineering and operations teams.

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“We are leaning into our rich forest products heritage with skilled loggers, sawmill operators and truckers providing the raw materials to create our products,” said TimberHP co-founder Matthew O’Malia. “Our capable team guides those materials through a high-tech manufacturing process to create insulation that outperforms the competition. An innovative building material, poised to shake up the North American market. The launch of these carbon-storing products could not come at a more critical time.”

Later this fall, TimberHP will commission its TimberBatt manufacturing line, with the TimberBoard line scheduled to start up shortly thereafter. All three TimberHP products are true byproducts of Maine’s timber industry, and they enter the market embodying the three sets of traits that highlight and underscore TimberHP’s mission, vision, and values.

High Performance
TimberHP wood fiber insulation offers superior building envelope, thermal, and acoustic performance. A comprehensive, above-grade product line to create wind-tight, vapor-open assemblies offering stable, long-term R-values, improved temperature stability, and premium sound protection—priced for mainstream adoption.

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Healthy Planet
TimberHP wood fiber insulation is the only recyclable, renewable, non-toxic, and carbon negative insulation on the market. Made from residual wood chips, TimberHP maximizes the use of our renewable forest resource. A high-value insulator with a negative carbon footprint, TimberHP reduces a building’s global warming potential on day one and everyday it operates.

Healthy People
TimberHP wood fiber insulation is safe, moisture managing and sound absorbing. Insulation installers benefit from a product that’s free of dangerous fibers that harm skin and negatively impact air quality. TimberHP creates safe, quiet, indoor habitats free from airborne toxins and trapped humidity.


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