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Timeless Character, Efficient Installation, Outstanding Performance

Offer your customers the distinctive look and rustic beauty of cedar shake and shingle siding. New ProVia Harbor Mill™ siding embodies the handsome woodgrain pattern and texture of authentic rough-sawn shingle and staggered hand-split shake in low-maintenance, moisture-resistant polypropylene. 

Harbor Mill Shingle and Shake Siding replicates authentic cedar using state-of-the-art laser scanning, ensuring the finest details and textures are carried through to the final product. All the characteristics of genuine rough-sawn shingle and staggered hand-split shake are represented, giving homeowners the look of natural woodgrain. 

Timeless Character, Efficient Installation, Outstanding Performance

  • Hand-split 8” Staggered Shakes display a more detailed woodgrain texture. The splitting process produces a wider range of ridges, grooves, and graining differences, for a more rustic and rugged look. The coarse graining and imperfect bottom edges offer a handcrafted appearance. 





Timeless Character, Efficient Installation, Outstanding Performance

  • Harbor Mill 7” Rough-Sawn Shingles are tapered, for a smoother surface that highlights a more muted cross-graining. By design, the shingles are more uniform and present a cleaner look. The graining is prevalent not only on the face, but also on the bottom of each shingle.




Available in a wide palette of popular shades, including stylish and bold colors like Coal Black, Harvest Red, and Neptune, these low-maintenance polypropylene shake and shingle profiles exhibit the rough, hardy look of homestead charm and elevate the curb appeal of any home. 

User-Friendly Installation

Harbor Mill siding was designed with the installer in mind, incorporating built-in features that aid in a more efficient, hassle-free installation. In addition to the rigid, lightweight profile that makes it easier to handle, Harbor Mill panels include: 

  • A Drop Guard that keeps the panel secured in position while the installer is working on fastening it to the wall. Typical polypropylene shake and shingle siding panels do not include a drop guard, and installers must hold the panel with one hand while fastening with the other. This hands-free advantage results in a straighter set-up, and less effort for the installer. 
  • A Continuous Lock that anchors each panel together, for stability and durability.
  • A unique Seam Lock that makes joint overlaps effectively invisible, even to the trained eye. The result is a smooth, seamless appearance that makes for great curb appeal. 
  • An Alignment Guide that prevents the panel from unlocking from the overlapping panel while also leaving enough room for expansion and contraction. 
  • Stagger Pattern Marks (AKA as ‘starting pattern’ or ‘cut pattern’) on the nailing hem that indicate the order in which the panels are cut to maintain a proper stagger pattern. This provides a great-looking installation by ensuring keyways (the space in between an individual shake or shingle) and panels do not repeat vertically. 
  • Harbor Mill Packaging features a QR code that installers can scan to access installation instructions and customer support.

Strong and Long-Lasting

The polypropylene formulation of ProVia Harbor Mill siding makes for an exceptionally durable cladding option. The panels are capable of enduring high temperatures and maintaining their rigidity while resisting warp and damage from impact. The staggered shake and rough-sawn shingle profiles are moisture-resistant, impervious to rot, and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Harbor Mill is regularly tested for color consistency and structural integrity, ensuring that every panel meets high standards and provides long-lasting performance. Check out new Harbor Mill Shingle and Shake Siding.

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