Titebond DuraMaster elastomeric sealant

Titebond’s DuraMaster is introduced as the first elastomeric sealant that can handle 100% joint movement without compromising adhesion. Titebond also says DuraMaster has earned the highest ASTM C-920 rating for sealant performance, Class 100/50. Typical elastomeric sealants are developed to handle movement of 25% of the original joint size and are rated Class 25 – the minimum rating for handling a moderate amount of movement. DuraMaster is said to perform four times better than Class 25 sealants, and is engineered to handle everything from moderate to maximum movement. The product is designed to stay permanently flexible and be crack-proof so that the sealant expands and contracts with temperature changes. DuraMaster is developed for pro use, including special packaging features such as a removable nozzle. Contractors can use DuraMaster for interior and exterior applications, such as windows, doors, trim, and siding. It is developed to adhere to most common building materials including: vinyl, metal, glass, wood, PVC, concrete, aluminum and all types of siding, and span even large gaps, up to 2″ wide. titebond.com

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