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TORX® ttap® is Made with Genuine TORX® Drives

Have you ever bought 6-lobe or star screws and found the wobble to be horrible and the bits to wear out after only a few screws? It doesn’t have to be this way. 6-lobe and star drive systems are knockoffs of genuine TORX® and lack the fastener design standards, manufacturing standards, in-process manufacturing gages, final inspection gages, bit design and manufacturing standards, and the required quality control checks that Genuine TORX® manufacturers are required to conform to. Every batch of 6-lobe and star screws and bits varies from the previous, some significantly so as you have already found with the high amount of wobble.

Stop wasting money. Pros insist on Genuine TORX® ttap® drive systems in their screws to get more done in less time.   

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