Tough. Tested. Qora Gets It Done Right.

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Every project needs to be done right. The first time.

Qora Cladding understands what it takes to get the job done efficiently. You don’t have time for inferior products and materials.

It was this same mindset that drove Qora to craft a durable, quality cladding product that was still easy to install. Trust is what Qora was built on because it is the same principle its customers hold high.

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Qora’s mission is to simplify the construction process by delivering better designed, better engineered products than traditional materials and installation methods. They want to streamline and optimize each and every business process to ensure the customer chain is properly serviced and value is optimized to their needs.

Qora Cladding is built to satisfy every need across the building process—from distribution to construction and completion.

Easy Installation

Builders and siding crews should have a high-quality product that will last, but also one that makes their lives easier.

The construction market is in dire need of labor. Requiring skilled masons only makes that issue more challenging. However, thanks to Qora’s patented materials and unique designs, its panels are a fraction of the weight compared to traditional materials. No extra masonry labor is necessary. 

To put it in numbers terms, a two-man crew can spend one day working and hang 400-square feet of Qora Cladding. If that does not convince you how easy it is to install, nothing will. 

But your customers need it to be more than an easier job. They need to trust the product they are working with.

Ensure safety and durability

One of the most important features of Qora Cladding is its Class A Fire Safety Rating. Per ASTM E84 testing, Qora Cladding is approved for A-rated wall assembly.

It is easy to talk about fire resiliency, but Qora proves it. They demonstrated the flammability of polyurethane and vinyl stone options compared to Qora, and as you can see below, there is no contest. Qora is built to last.

While flame resistance is important, Qora provides a product that withstands the grind of daily life. Whether it is the durability to handle your weed whacker, storm damage, or whatever you can throw at it, Qora is tough enough to withstand it all. But it’s still light enough to easily carry and install. 

Built to Last

The savviest dealers and buyers are the ones who know a quality product comes with an industry-leading warranty. Qora created a 20-warranty for one reason: it will not sell something that fails to meet its own high standards. Qora was built to stand the test of time without rotting, decaying, buckling, or delaminating. 

Each Qora Stone panel has a built-in one-fourth inch standoff that allows free movement of liquid water and vapor. Its built-in rain screen helps to manage moisture by keeping water away from the wall assembly, reducing the risk of water damage over time.

It will not fade either. Regardless of your climate, the quality cladding you see out of the box is what you will see year after year. 

With a brand-new material inside, and true beauty on the outside, Qora was born from the belief that there could finally be a composite stone cladding product without compromises.

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You can also contact a representative directly by emailing or by calling (330) 223-2266.

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