Tria™ Doors from JELD-WEN

Customizing a Home Has Never Been Easier with New Tria™ Doors from JELD-WEN

Tria DoorsWith a rebounding housing market, more homeowners are choosing to invest in renovations and remodeling projects, focusing on customizable, high-quality touches.

The increased demand for customization is the inspiration behind the new JELD-WEN® Tria™ composite doors. Available in three distinct design lines that include nearly 250 style options, Tria doors allow homeowners, architects and builders to get as creative as they want with interior doors. JELD-WEN’s new Tria line includes:

  • C-Series: Available in 120 designs, these doors are perfect for expressing the distinct style of each room in a home with custom carvings. These doors feature dramatic curves and intricate details, ensuring a truly individualized look. Incorporate mirrors, chalkboard or dry-erase surfaces to add a unique element of functionality and expression to any living space.
  • L-Series: The clean lines and flat-panel design of these doors are ideal for homes with a contemporary or craftsman style. Select from more than 25 design options that include doors with louvers, mirrors or glass inserts for homeowners seeking a chic touch and chalkboard and dry-erase panels for more functionality. State-of-the-art construction secures each panel in place, ensuring long-term durability and a clean appearance for years to come.
  • R-Series: Contours, raised moldings and precision detailing offer a dramatic addition to rooms with an architectural flair. More than 100 designs offer the most substantial construction of the three Tria lines. These doors are perfect for spaces that see high traffic or noise, such as multifamily homes, hotels or commercial properties.

Each of the three lines can incorporate radius and arch top designs into the door for a customized touch. In addition, all of these doors can be crafted as matched pairs for double door openings or with a split design, featuring different patterns on either side.

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