Trim your timelines with PaintPro technology

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Painted trim looks great. But getting clean, quality results takes time. That means you and your team have to scrutinize every nook and cranny, over and over and over again. Sanding. Priming. Coating. Add in the time you spend waiting for the paint to dry and you’re looking at what could be days of work. All of which you’ll have to repaint in two or three years.

Now there’s something that will help speed things along: AZEK Trim with PaintPro Technology. It’s durable, moisture-resistant and easy to work with—just like you. Plus, it has one groundbreaking feature: it makes painting trim faster and easier than ever.

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Get the job done right, right now

AZEK Trim with PaintPro Technology is ready to paint as soon as you are. It doesn’t need priming or sanding or special treatment of any kind, saving you hours of prep work. It even dries faster too, ready to handle in as little as 30 minutes. And because AZEK’s fasteners won’t ruin the painted finish, you can even paint before you install. With PaintPro, you can get your jobs done quickly, efficiently and beautifully. And rather than repainting every few years, your projects will look the way you finished them for a long-lasting time thanks to PaintPro’s high paint adhesion.

Keep your design options open

PaintPro gives you the confidence to deliver your clients a variety of looks and trends. Try combining white siding with dark trim for a modern farmhouse look. Or paint the trim lighter colors to stand out against darker siding. You can even paint the trim rich, darker colors to create a cohesive look across mixed building materials like stone and siding. And if you need to match an existing shade of white, AZEK PaintPro Trim is easy to paint and delivers a long-lasting, low-maintenance finish.

For maximum customizability, each piece comes with a reversible, two-sided finish. The Traditional finish on one side gives your clients a smooth, uniform appearance without defects. The woodgrain Frontier finish on the other side gives homeowners the authentic look of wood, without the constant maintenance that wood requires.

Azek building products photographed by Brett Bulthuis in Myrtle Beach NC 2019

Paint trim like a pro with PaintPro

PaintPro is engineered to promote adhesion between paint and trim for a long-lasting bond that prevents chips and flakes. It makes it easier to get solid coverage in fewer coats and provides a solid paint bond, even in climates with high humidity.

You can simply follow AZEK’s Painting PVC Made Easy Guide to help you know what paint to buy and where. Or give it a chemically-bonded wood grain stain or custom color through AZEK’s exclusive partnership with AquaSurTech, which also provides an additional 15-year limited paint and labor warranty to supplement AZEK’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. And because AZEK Trim with PaintPro Technology is made of PVC, it’s impervious to moisture; the trim stays strong without maintenance—keeping your work looking great for years to come.

The secret is in the science

PaintPro Trim energetically joins with paint because every one of its boards is engineered that way. Scientifically speaking, the more energy a trim surface has, the better it bonds with paint. PaintPro has a high surface energy, which is measured by dyne level. The average PVC trim product has a dyne level around 30; PaintPro has a dyne level of 50.

PaintPro’s energized surface simply bonds faster and better with paint than other trim products do. This leads to enhanced paint adhesion and shorter dry times, so you spend less time and money painting on the job site. And more time getting compliments from your new loyal customers.

Azek building products photographed by Brett Bulthuis in Myrtle Beach NC 2019

Bold and beautiful, yet perfectly practical

All AZEK Trim is made from cellular PVC that won’t rot, warp or crack and provides long-lasting, lifetime performance. Your clients will love the freedom that comes with so many design options and faster installations. And you will love how easy it is to work with. It’s lightweight, making it easy to transport to the jobsite or bring up a ladder. You can cut and mill AZEK Trim just like you would with wood. You can even use the same woodworking tools.

Like all AZEK PVC Trim, it’s flexible, durable and easy to install. So, your finishing design detail improves the presentation of every exterior and stays that way. The boards are available in a variety of sizes and sheets. No matter the finish, a coat of smooth paint is the perfect way to add value and variety.

We recommend AZEK Trim with PaintPro Technology not just because it’s a new choice for homeowners, but also because it makes good sense for your business. It helps you get jobs done faster, better and gives you results that last longer. So you can make your clients even happier.

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