Two Industry Initiatives Advance Carbon Benefits of Forest Products

Softwood Lumber Board

Softwood Lumber Board

In recent years the carbon benefits of forest products, particularly of lumber products, has gained significant traction amongst many in the marketplace. Some who have historically not supported the forest industry sector are now viewing timber products through a very different and much more positive lens. That said, without ongoing attention paid to this topic, the industry risks losing an advantage and the market opportunities it offers.

Two separate initiatives focused on leveraging the environmental credentials of our industry are currently underway.

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Plum Creek’s President and COO Tom Lindquist is leading the ad hoc Thought Leadership Group, an effort to deliver a unified voice and build a future story for products and employees. The focus is on the resource and creating a common messaging platform upon which the various product segments can build. An update on this initiative was presented at the recent SLB Board meeting and the SLB will remain engaged as the development of a communication platform continues.

The second initiative, the Forest Policy Forum led by Green Diamond Resource Company Chairman Colin Moseley, has focused on identifying opportunities and solutions for the industry’s forest carbon future. As part of this work, Dovetail Partners was engaged to produce a report that outlines how forests and forest products are part of the solution as we move to a lower carbon world. The report was released in April; a copy is available for download here.

Source: Softwood Lumber Board

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