UltraLox Interlocking Machine

The quality of the railings, as well as the speed of delivery and installation makes UltraLox ideal for a wide range of applications, including decks/balconies, patios and pool surrounds of all sizes. From single-family homes to multifamily projects, UltraLox is your answer.

“If you are looking to expand, diversify, or reinvigorate your existing business,” UltraLox presents a unique opportunity, said Edward Peterson, VP of Sales.

Built on Customers’ Success
Headquartered in Eagan, MN, UltraLox is expanding its customer base of large-volume deck builders, building product distributors, and fence companies throughout the United States and Canada.

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The UltraLox combination offering unparalleled efficiency and quality has proved to be a winning formula for UltraLox partners. As more builders as well as suppliers become aware of the UltraLox potential and witness the success of our current UltraLox partners, demand for this innovative technology is increasing rapidly throughout North America.

The long-term success of each of its customers is of primary importance to UltraLox. Builders and suppliers who work with UltraLox experience an exceptional level of support. This goes beyond traditional customer service; essentially, companies who work with UltraLox become part of a strong and supportive network focused on helping them to achieve maximum profitability and business growth.

Leading the company’s growth is Edward Peterson, a dynamic professional with a strong background in both business development and materials technology. He has extensive experience in sales and marketing management, product development, and quality assurance experience in the building products industry. Edward also has a sound knowledge of aerospace, oil /gas, power generation, and transportation businesses. Throughout his career, he has maintained a focus on assisting his customers to achieve their business goals.

Edward’s in-depth understanding of the railing and fence industry coupled with his other extensive business experience allowed him to identify a clear market need for a quality railing solution for deck builders, subcontractors, and residential homeowners alike. Edward has put together a team of qualified individuals to work alongside the UltraLox licensees to ensure high levels of service and support. He is committed to working with his clients long-term to help them reach and exceed their goals. Edward remains grounded in the philosophy that his customers’ success is of fundamental importance and pivotal to UltraLox’s success in the future.

Learn more: www.ultralox.com

Information provided by: Ultralox

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