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Unlocking the Perfect TruWood Siding Profile: A Dealer’s Guide

As LBM dealers, guiding customers through the maze of options to find the perfect siding profile isn’t just a task; it’s an art. Thankfully, with TruWood Siding, a plethora of choices are available. Narrowing down the selection process requires a keen understanding of the factors at play and a knack for matching preferences with practicality. Here are five tips on how TruWood Siding, distributed by Weyerhaeuser, can assist you in steering through the decision-making journey.

1) Consider the Essentials: Appearance, Durability, and Cost

In the realm of siding profiles, TruWood delivers the trifecta of appearance, durability, and cost. Your customers are envisioning more than curb appeal, they’re creating a living space where memories will be crafted for decades to come. In such instances, delivering on their outdoor oasis isn’t just a bonus—it’s a necessity. Traditional wood cladding might hold allure, but the maintenance and cost can be staggering. Enter TruWood, offering a cost-effective alternative that doesn’t skimp on durability, it’s a win-win for both aesthetics and economics.

2) Navigating Profile Options: Lap, Panel, or Trim?

When it comes to choosing the right TruWood profile, there are options abound. Lap, panel, or trim—each presents a canvas upon which homeowners can paint their dreams. For the classic aficionados, standard lap siding stands as a timeless choice, endorsed by industry professionals. Yet, for those yearning for a dash of uniqueness, the possibilities are endless. Old Mill Shingle Lap, Craftsmen Shake, or even a fusion of lap siding and board and batten—TruWood offers a mixture of styles to cater to any preference.

3) Seamless Installation: A Builder’s Delight

Ease of installation is where TruWood truly shines. Crafted with precision and treated with the EcoGuard® process, TruWood boasts resistance against the elements, ensuring longevity without compromising aesthetics. Factor in the swift installation process, with TruWood going up a whopping 33% faster than its counterparts, and you have a recipe for builder satisfaction. Say goodbye to tedious installations and toxic dust—TruWood promises efficiency without sacrificing quality.

4) Matching Profiles with Home Styles: Finding Harmony

In the intricate dance of profiles and home styles, harmony is key. While lap siding stands as a universal favorite, certain profiles lend themselves more seamlessly to specific architectural styles. Shingle Lap and Designer Shake Lap exude charm in Craftsman and Victorian style homes, while board and batten adds a contemporary, mid-century modern, flair to homes. With TruWood, your customers can deliver on homeowners’ unique identities.

5) Avoiding Pitfalls: Timelessness Over Trends

We all know a home is an investment—one that shouldn’t be swayed by fleeting trends. As dealers, your customers can benefit from your counsel against succumbing to the allure of passing fads, and instead advocating for designs that stand the test of time.

Choosing the ideal siding profile is a journey—one that requires careful consideration, expert guidance, and a dash of creativity. To learn more about the exterior cladding options available in your market, contact your local Weyerhaeuser Distribution sales representative.

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