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Vinyl Siding – A Durable, Versatile and Sustainable Choice for Home Exteriors

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular exterior cladding products available today. Developed more than 50 years ago, vinyl siding technology has progressed markedly over the decades, and this versatile product has evolved into a premium exterior cladding material, surpassing aluminum, brick, and hardwood in popularity. Vinyl siding’s overall low material and installation cost, minimal maintenance, long-term performance, and transformative beauty make it a favorite choice among installers and homeowners—whether for a new home or a remodel. Vinyl offers exceptional performance without the hefty expenditure.

ProVia’s siding products stand among the best for options in vinyl siding colors and diverse styles. Our Lifestyle and Signature Collections enable customers to choose colors and coordinated accessories that complement any style home. Our Super Polymer formulation is at the heart of each of our horizontal and vertical claddings, placing them among the industry’s highest-quality manufactured vinyl siding products. ProVia Vinyl Siding provides multiple benefits for homeowners and contractors:

Durability and Weather-Resistance: Engineered for long-term sustainability, ProVia’s Super Polymer vinyl siding is warranted to last a lifetime. Unlike painted wood siding, which fades and deteriorates due to age and weathering, it does not peel, chip, crack, or rot. Our vinyl siding is formulated with inorganic materials, anti-weathering ingredients, and acrylic modifiers to create a strong molecular chain that provides increased structural stability and superior resistance to UV-rays, wind, precipitation, and severe climates. 


The polymeric technology behind our siding includes heat-resistant pigments that deflect damaging UV rays, protecting it from solar heat build-up, and weather-barrier additives to ensure color retention and impact resistance. By design, vinyl siding has an inherent moisture-management profile that reduces accumulation of water, and weep holes along the bottom of the panels that funnel water away. Since it is hung and not nailed down tightly, it allows for a vented airspace for evaporation, so moisture does not become trapped.  

Impact resistance is the ability of the vinyl materials to withstand a high force or shock applied over a short period of time. Our Super Polymer formulation is engineered with high-grade impact modifiers that act as shock absorbers, adding strength and toughness to each siding panel to combat damage from hail and wind-blown debris.

Affordability: Siding homes with vinyl is more cost-effective than using other claddings. Vinyl siding’s installed cost is typically lower than that of cedar siding, fiber cement, or brick. The long-term cost of ownership is practical as well, since vinyl siding lasts for decades and maintenance costs are minimal.  

Low Maintenance: Vinyl siding never needs to be painted, stained, sealed, or caulked. It’s easy to clean with mild soap and water from a garden hose or wide-angle nozzle on a power-washer. Harsh chemical cleaners are not necessary to keep vinyl siding clean – stubborn dirt, mold, or mildew can be lightly scrubbed with a soft-bristle brush and hosed off.

Energy-Efficiency: Insulated siding is engineered with a strong, rigid foam insulation laminated or permanently attached. This combats thermal bridging, the direct transfer of heat through a structure’s framing that results in energy loss. Insulated siding provides a continuous blanket of protection over the framing of a home, increasing the exterior wall’s R-value and protecting it from temperature extremes. It can bridge the subtle imperfections that are present on almost every wall, and offers great impact resistance, too. CedarMAX insulated siding from ProVia provides continuous insulation, blanketing the home with rigid EPS foam adhered to the siding panel. Tested and proven to increase the R-value of an exterior wall, CedarMAX is one of the most energy-efficient exterior claddings on the market.

Sustainable: Vinyl siding’s long-lasting durability means it remains longer on the house, not in a landfill. Up to 99% of vinyl siding and accessory scrap can either be immediately ground up and re-used in the manufacturing process or used to make other types of products. Throughout its life cycle, vinyl siding has 79% less impact on climate change and global warming than fiber cement, and 85% less impact than brick and mortar.* 

Beauty and Versatility: Vinyl siding is available in a wide variety of profiles and colors. In fact, vinyl siding color and style options far outnumber those of any other exterior cladding. Today’s formulations make deep, rich colors possible, and a wide array of insulated, traditional, and decorative styles offer a mix of textures to lend unique curb appeal. ProVia’s vinyl siding profiles include multiple sizes of cedar and oak woodgrains, rough-sawn and staggered shakes and shingles, and board & batten styles. Color options are available for every possible taste – clean whites, warm neutrals, bright hues, and deep pigments.

As material and design choices continue to expand, ProVia’s Board ‘N Batten (B’nB) offers a versatile siding alternative in a full range of colors. The classic vertical panel offers more design choices and provides visual interest to any architectural style. B’nB siding makes it easy to add distinctive details that impart a rustic, handmade quality to exterior cladding. ProVia’s customers use the striking dimensional finish of B’nB as a home’s primary exterior finish or to accent entryways, gables, porches, dormers, or build-outs.

In parallel with the use of mixed claddings, there continues to be a push toward darker, richer colors. The balancing act with dark colors is to offer the rich colors homeowners desire, while maintaining the integrity and performance of the panel. ProVia’s Super Polymer formula allows the dark colors to withstand weather conditions from Florida to Minnesota to the Rockies. Pro contractors can feel confident when recommending ProVia siding colors like Sea Slate, Nightfall, Willow, and Mountain Berry, knowing that the home’s exterior will stand up to the elements. All ProVia siding comes with a Color KeeperAnti-Fade Protection Guarantee.


Industry-Best Quality: Engineered into Every Product We Make

By using the finest high-grade raw materials, Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology, Weather Barrier Shield with SPX-2000 UV Blocker, and Color Keeper™ Anti-Fade Protection, our vinyl siding truly stands out from the competition. Super Polymer Vinyl Siding meets or exceeds ASTM standards and VSI Product Certification. 

Check out ProVia’s online visualizer,  or our Designer Collections Home Exterior Portfolio to see all the options. 

*Vinyl Siding Institute

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