WeatherMaster X-TREME Foam Sealants from Titebond

Titebond has developed an exceptional line of one-component polyurethane foam sealants that gives construction professionals the level of performance they need to do the job faster, in just about any temperature, using less product to produce a more durable seal.

The Titebond line of WeatherMaster X-TREME foam sealants includes a multi-purpose foam, a window and door foam and a fireblock foam. Combined, these three foams meet most sealing needs in residential construction and home improvement. The X-TREME line also includes a heavy-duty dispenser gun and multi-purpose cleaner to remove uncured sealant and keep the gun operable.

WeatherMaster-X-TREME-Foam-Sealants-from-TitebondAll three X-TREME foams offer high-performance features not typically offered by other polyurethane foam sealants. They all feature triple-expansion foam, providing higher yields than the average foam sealant. The contractor uses less product to cover more area. Their 18-month shelf life goes beyond the industry norm, too. Longer shelf life coupled with higher yields add up to sound value for contractors.

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In addition, all three foam sealants cure in extreme temperatures, from 0°F to 100°F, enabling the contractor to seal out the heat and cold during harsh winters or summers. They also become tack-free sooner than many other foam sealants, with a five-minute set time that lets the contractor get on with the job. And they stand out as one of the few foam sealant brands to achieve GreenGuard Gold certification, a trusted standard for low-emissions of VOCs into indoor air. Contractors can breathe easy knowing that X-TREME foams are safe for the environment.

The versatile X-TREME Multi-Purpose Foam seals and fills small cracks and voids, creating a tight barrier against noise, moisture and air infiltration. In residential buildings, it is recommended for sealing recessed lights, electrical openings, baseplates, exterior gaps for pest control and more. It also seals exterior panels in commercial and industrial buildings. X-TREME Window & Door Foam is a closed-cell, low-pressure build foam that complies with AAMA 812 and will not bow or distort windows or doors. It is formulated for maximum moisture- and mold-resistance.

Titebond developed its X-TREME Fireblock Foam to seal, fill, bond and stop air infiltration in areas that require a fireblock product. The foam is a recognizable orange color so that inspectors can easily identify the use of an approved fireblock product for Type V residential construction. The X-TREME expansion characteristics make this foam more effective than many traditional fireblock materials in obstructing flames and smoke in concealed penetrations and preventing flame spread from room to room and floor to floor. At the same time, it is more cost-effective than standard adhesives because of its high yield and penetration.

WeatherMaster-X-TREME-Foam-Sealants-from-Titebond-2Rounding out the line is the X-TREME Dispenser Gun and X-TREME Multi-Purpose Cleaner. The gun is an intermediate dispensing unit designed for the contractor for frequent use with the 24-ounce can of foam sealants. The gun enables the contractor to control the bead size for higher yield and is solvent-resistant, with a non-stick basket and needle valve. Contractors use the acetone spray cleaner to dissolve uncured foam and flush the gun to keep it clean and operable. It can also be used as a general-purpose cleaner.

The new Titebond WeatherMaster X-TREME foam sealants are available in 12-ounce (straw application only) and 24-ounce (gun application only) cans. The sealants, dispenser gun and 12-ounce multi-purpose cleaner are sold through hardware stores (in stock or by special order), building supply stores and lumberyards.

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