Webinar Replay: Becoming a Talent Magnet

Brandon webinar replay

Do you want to stop feeling underwhelmed by the quality of applicants you’re seeing? Are you feeling frustrated by your high rates of turnover?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s critical that you move beyond best guessing and start to understand how to win at recruiting and retaining. In this webinar, experienced LBM Recruiter Rikka Brandon shares strategies and actionable advice to help you understand what’s working now and what needs work, the key to your success with recruiting and retention, and how to plan for the gaps your veteran employees are going to be leaving in the next 3-7 years.

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In this webinar, Rikka shares what you need to do first, how to activate the most powerful tools you have in the war for talent, and how to actually execute on your succession plan. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Rikka’s new flagship training and coaching program for companies that are hiring more than 3 people in the next 12 months and are sick of best guessing their way through it. A live Q+A follows.

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