Webinar Replay: Don’t Leave Money on the Table!

Businesses are valued on a multiple of EBITDA. So, any dollar you can add to your EBITDA line not only increases your earnings, but it has a dramatic, positive multiplier effect on your business’ value during an acquisition. Adding just $100,000 to EBITDA can boost your business acquisition value by $600,000 or more!

We will review these five steps to quickly boost your acquisition value, focusing on ways to boost your EBITDA through…
-Reductions of OPEX
-Finding Acceptable EBITDA Adjustments
-Paying Fair and Customary Salaries
-Installing New Leadership Long Before Selling
-Stopping Steep Discount for Volume Purchasers

Tune in for this transformative senior executive briefing, and learn how to get the most from an acquirer, by heightening and optimizing your EBITDA when selling your company.

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