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Webinar Replay: E-Commerce In The House!

E-commerce is here in a big way, and LBM dealers have endorsed its viability as an incremental marketing channel to their traditional marketing mix. In this webinar (part of the LBM Tech Talk series sponsored by Epicor), Brent Burrows II, senior manager of e-commerce and brand innovation at CBS Bahamas, will join Paul Dean, CEO of The Brainforest Trust, to talk about how COVID-19 drove the company’s e-commerce presence for both the retail and pro sales locations thru e-store shopping, locker pickup, and even delivery-by-boat options as expansions to traditional marketing models.

Since 1973, CBS Bahamas has been the leading supplier of impact-resistant products in both the residential and commercial markets. CBS serves as one of that nation’s largest home improvement retailers, boasting an extensive e-commerce platform that allows customers across the entire 700-island archipelago to access 10,000+ products from its multiple branches and warehouses. The CBS shopping catalog is expansive, featuring products from best-in-class suppliers and a variety of departments such as Building Materials, Hardware, Housewares, Electrical, Plumbing, Windows and Doors, Tools, and more.

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