Webinar Replay: How Inflation is Affecting Your Acquisition Value

How Inflation is Affecting Your Acquisition Value

Recent inflation is having two effects on deal values: 1) Acquirers are more cautious when committing capital, tipping the recent market oh so slightly to a buyer’s market. 2) Inflation has raised borrowing costs for the funds acquirers need to close a deal.

Where does that leave us today? Private equity groups are focusing on companies with higher EBITDAs and top growth performance. Smaller companies are selling for slightly less than during the recent peak.

In this 30-40 minute webinar, M&A expert John D. Wagner examines the multiples of EBITDAs being paid today for companies like yours and explains how they are changing. He will show in real-dollar terms the implications of an emerging buyer’s market, while showing what performance you need to achieve to attract the interest of an acquirer and attain premium acquisition values. Live Q&A will follow.

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