Webinar Replay: Is There Still Time to Sell Your Company in 2022?

Is There Still Time to Sell Your Company in 2022?

For strategic buyers and private equity groups, the appetite for acquiring LBM businesses next year (2023) may be markedly different than in 2022. With higher interest rates, some
downward pressure on housing starts, and the “wild card” of inflation, many observers wonder if we are coming to the end of a hyperactive acquisition cycle. Make no mistake, 2022 promises to be a record year, and record prices are still being paid today. But if you don’t want to wait out another cycle, 2022 may be a golden time to sell.

This webinar will explain how long it takes to get a company on the market for acquisition, what role your investment banker plays, what’s required of sellers, and what happens to real estate.

We will also cover how the investment banker prepares the “CIM” (confidential informational memorandum) and review the critical path of the sale process. This will include review of what’s contained in an IOI (indication of interest), LOI (letter of intent), and how long the due diligence process takes, as you work toward the definitive purchase agreement, and the closing (when funds flow).

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