Stellar Dealer Operations Software v5.0

Weyerhaeuser Steller Version 5.0
Weyerhaeuser released Version 5.0 of its Stellar® dealer operations software, with changes that help those responsible for purchasing engineered lumber better understand what to order, when to order, and how much to order. Previously, Stellar software was primarily used by the operations team at a dealer to track inventory on hand, create optimized production instructions, and operate in conjunction with Weyerhaeuser’s NextPhase® Site Solutions program, a comprehensive package of products, services, software and fabrication equipment.

Stellar software helps dealers improve communication across all aspects of their Trus Joist® engineered lumber business, implement business rules around the management of their engineered lumber inventory, improve operational efficiency, and reduce material waste. The end result is a reduction in the cost to carry inventory. The latest update brings those benefits to inventory replenishment activities and those responsible for purchasing Trus Joist engineered lumber products.

“It’s clear the building industry has been affected by the challenges brought on by labor shortages and the frequent hiring and training of associates who are new to the building materials business,” said Jim Shoemaker, Stellar software product manager. “The new features in Stellar give information access to newer, less experienced employees, which will help dealers manage their business efficiently with continuity and consistent performance, especially during times of employee transition.”

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Among the new features in Stellar Version 5.0:

  • Inventory Replenishment gives greater visibility to what is on order and when it is expected to arrive by allowing purchasers to create and track purchase orders.
  • Ability to configure inventory settings to provide alerts when materials should be ordered to reduce the likelihood of running out of materials.
  • Cut Analysis Reports show material usage over a specified time period as well as the material needs for upcoming jobs.

Dealers interested in obtaining Stellar Version 5.0 should contact their local Weyerhaeuser sales representative or Weyerhaeuser Software Support at 800.833.9491 or

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