Weyerhaeuser Extends ClipStone to East Coast Markets

Seattle — Weyerhaeuser Distribution has expanded its availability of ClipStone® mortarless stone veneer products to clipstoneits operations in Atlanta, Ga. and Jacksonville, Fla. With this increased distribution of the product exclusively in these markets, Weyerhaeuser now offers ClipStone stonework from coast-to-coast in eight of its distribution centers.

“Adding ClipStone in these southeast markets strengthens the product’s availability for us on the East Coast,” says David Helmers, vice president for Weyerhaeuser Distribution. “We already offer ClipStone in the northeast, at our Easton, Pa. location. Now dealers and their customers up and down the East Coast can have faster access to this product.

Two recent industry studies indicate that stone veneer products are seen as a strong “value added” product for homes. A recent NAHB study, Housing Preferences of the Boomer Generation – How They Compare to Other Home Buyers, indicates that 69% of consumers desire stone on their home exteriors, almost tying brick as a desired exterior finishing.

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In the 2016 Cost Versus Value Report, real estate professionals were surveyed on their perception on the return-on-investment of the most popular remodeling and replacement projects for the home. On a midrange priced home, adding manufactured stone veneer is projected to have a 92.9% cost recouped of the project investment. It is the second highest rated project and the percentage has increase over numbers in the 2015 report.

“We’ve designed ClipStone with a unique mounting clip design embedded in the back of each stone, making it easy for contractors to screw the product directly onto the wall surface,” says John Bailey, director of marketing and sales for Environmental StoneWorks, the parent company of ClipStone. “The clip design provides a superior water management system and allows for faster installation than traditional stone with no mortar to clean up.

Weyerhaeuser Distribution is the sole distributor of ClipStone products in the markets of Atlanta, Ga., Jacksonville, Fla., Easton, Pa., Phoenix, Ariz. and Stockton, Fresno, Santa Clarita and Fontana, Calif.

Source: Weyerhaeuser Distribution