What is Decking-as-Cladding?

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Get to Know TimberTech® Cladding


Decking-as-cladding is growing in popularity as a way to create a linear, modern aesthetic while delivering the authentic warmth of exotic hardwoods without the associated maintenance. TimberTech® Advanced PVC makes it easy to capitalize on this trend, with the ideal mix of aesthetics and performance.

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Image courtesy of AZEK Exteriors. Photographed by Brett Bulthuis.

Explore Features & Benefits

• TimberTech® Cladding comes in square-shoulder boards for an open-joint look or tongue-and-groove boards for a closed-joint look

• TimberTech® Advanced PVC construction ensures decades of low maintenance and enduring beauty

• Product carries a Class A Flame Spread Index

• Installs with traditional woodworking tools; Cortex® hidden fastening system ensures a seamless appearance

• TimberTech® Advanced PVC Vintage Collection® is an ideal option for cladding, with the sought-after look of premium hardwoods like ipe, mahogany, and teak.

Image courtesy of AZEK Exteriors.

All About Decking-as-Cladding

Whether installed in a closed-joint or open-joint style, decking-as-cladding delivers a modern aesthetic that’s captured the attention of architects. Homeowners appreciate the feel of tropical woods without the maintenance concerns. Here’s what dealers need to know.

Image courtesy of AZEK Exteriors. Photographed by Larry Falke.

Tips for Selling the Value

• Raise awareness: Though the look of decking-as-cladding, particularly open-joint styles, is growing, it’s still relatively new and often found in architect-designed homes and buildings. Creating displays or hosting lunch and learns, among other educational opportunities, may be needed to draw interest in your area.

• Stay educated: Similarly, as a new category, dealers can help stay ahead of customers by gaining a greater understanding of the products and techniques to help customers feel more comfortable about this more unfamiliar application. In many cases, installation is quite similar, but there will likely be some trepidation early on. Check with your TimberTech rep about scheduling product knowledge sessions with your team.

• Sell your audience: The beauty of PVC-decking-as-cladding is that it offers benefits to most of your customer groups. For designers, architects, and other custom home clientele, the main draw is usually the aesthetic. For homeowners, it’s the extensive warranty, long-term reliability, and coveted look of tropical hardwoods without the maintenance needs. For contractors and installers, composites are lightweight and easy to install in a cladding application. Plus, TimberTech products are readily available with short lead times.

• Determine the look they’re going for: An open-joint format using traditional square-shoulder decking boards provides a strong, linear look ideal for modern homes that still desire the warmth of wood looks. But when a more subtle closed-joint look is desired, tongue-and-groove boards easily achieve the required spacing.

• Remember the fasteners and tools: To maintain a sleek look, be sure customers also purchase Cortex® hidden fasteners, with plugs that match the decking color they chose. For tools, TimberTech uses regular wood-cutting tools, so nothing special is required outside of the bit that comes with their Cortex hidden fastening system.

• Don’t skimp on the envelope: By its nature, open-joint cladding allows more bulk water into the wall system than traditional cladding, so a rainscreen and weather barrier are essential.

• Ensure they specify the right type of housewrap: To maintain the depth and shadow of the open-joint look, it’s best to use black housewrap behind the cladding. In addition, because of the larger gaps, the housewrap will have greater exposure to UV rays, so a UV-resistant housewrap should be considered.

• Consider sustainability messaging: If you work with designers and builders focused on green building practices, keep in mind that many PVC and composite decking brands are made with recycled content. TimberTech Advanced PVC, for example, includes about 60% recycled material.

And, as always, turn to your Weyerhaeuser Distribution and TimberTech reps for help. We’re here to assist you with product knowledge sessions, design and installation support, and more.

Weyerhaeuser Distribution is committed to delivering the reliable, consistent products you can rely on. Connect with your Weyerhaeuser representative today about cladding solutions available in your market. 


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