What Treated Wood Should be Chosen for Backyard Projects? The Answer is Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood

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Lonza Wolmanized

By Belinda Remley

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Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood. It is a name synonymous with innovation, quality, and beautiful backyards throughout North America. And it’s no wonder. After all, the outdoor living revolution began with Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood about five decades ago in the suburbs of Chicago.

It was a simple experiment. Would homeowners want to use treated wood products to enhance their outdoor living? The answer came in the boom that started with simple decking projects and has blossomed into elaborate outdoor living spaces that are dreamed up by homeowners and built by professionals. And during that time, weekend warriors have discovered that they can add to their outdoor living experience with simpler builds such as raised bed gardens, picnic tables, and fences.

Lonza Wolmanized


“Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood has been used in countless outdoor projects throughout North America,” says Matt Roughen, Head of Marketing North America for LSI Wood Protection. “It is our flagship brand most people know and also equate with quality treated wood products that will enhance their backyard projects. It’s real wood that is fortified to last.”

The preservative in Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood has evolved over decades to its current form, Wolman® E copper. “We developed copper azole more than 20 years ago when we saw the industry looking for a preservative that did not contain arsenate,” explains Matt. “We wanted to continue producing a long-lasting product that would still feature the natural beauty of real wood.”

Lonza Wolmanized


What makes Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood the preferable choice for homeowners and contractors today?

  • It is safe to handle and easy to work with.
    • Common tools such as a drill, a level and a saw are all that homeowners need to create beautiful projects.
  • It is readily available and can be found at many retail lumberyards.
    • If a builder is short a few pieces or decides to add something, a quick trip back to the lumberyard allows the project to stay on track.
  • It is made from the most renewable resource available to the building industry.
    • Grown on managed forest lands, most trees mature to harvest in about 25-30 years.
    • There is more forest land in North America than even existed in early 1900s.
  • Effective Wolman® E copper azole preservative extends the life of the wood.
    • The wood is rendered undesirable as a food sources for termites and fungi.
  • Projects made with Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood are easily maintained.
    • Can be cleaned, brightened, stained and painted.
    • Can be repaired, replaced or matched to additions.

All of these features make Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood the ideal choice for all outdoor wood projects. To learn more, visit www.wolmanizedwood.com.

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