Why You Need To Switch To PALIGHT Trimboard

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“I’ve been building decks for 27 years. Over that time, products have come and gone for decking and railing. But there’s one product we insist on for our trim, and it’s PALIGHT Trimboard.”

− Ray Steward of RWS Decking

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As commercial and residential construction projects start to regain momentum, one question you may be asking yourself is – How can I exceed customer expectations, improve internal efficiency, and acquire new business all at the same time?

The answer is simple: Make the switch to PALIGHT® Trimboard.

Palram’s PALIGHT Trimboard is easy to install and consists of a complete line of exterior and interior PVC trim products including boards and sheets in numerous thicknesses and sizes, standard and pre-milled profiles, column wraps and corners, decorative mouldings, hidden fasteners, and more!

Due to its high quality and impressive range of unique benefits, PALIGHT Trimboard is an excellent choice for builders, contractors, fabricators, and architects alike. Like wood, PALIGHT Trimboard is easy to fabricate using techniques like bending, routing, and turning. But unlike wood, the trim won’t rot or split because of its long-lasting free foam PVC composition which allows it to maintain a fresh, stylish appearance for decades. See product specs and more details here.


Why PALIGHT? Well For One, Protective Film Is STANDARD.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of switching to PALIGHT Trimboard is that EverClean™ protective film is included on both sides – with no additional upcharge! PVC trim dealers often report inventory losses of up to 7% due to lack of protective film, and resulting cleaning costs, product returns and unique handling/storage. But, because the film is standard on both sides, PALIGHT Trimboard stays clean, and is always transport-ready; from distributor, to dealer, directly to the contractor on the job site.

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But that’s not all. Switching to PALIGHT Trimboard opens the door to a whole host of other advantages:

  • 23% less expansion than many competing trim products
  • Truly reversible woodgrain/smooth finish & fully sealed edges on all sides
  • Reasonable minimum order quantities available to dealers
  • Paint-ready surface requires no special prep or cleaning
  • 30 Year Limited Transferable Warranty

How PALIGHT ProFinish™ Profiles and Mouldings Help Save $$$

Do your customers still mill their own profiles on-site before wrapping windows, doors, and columns? If so, everybody involved is losing time AND money on every single project.

When contractors ramp up their productivity on the job, everybody reaps the benefits. In addition to avoiding dirty, unprotected trim, pre-made profiles and mouldings save even more time, as contractors can avoid having to mill anything on-site. This means more jobs with less effort!

Want to see for yourself? Checkout this Palight ProFinish challenge video to see a productivity increase one contractor experienced by using pre-made profiles. Let the savings begin!

Don’t Forget: Promote Corners And Post Wraps!

The PALIGHT Trimboard line includes Postwrap™ and Corners that you can upsell to increase your bottom line and help your contractors save even more time on the job.

Palight PostWraps are flat packed and shielded by cardboard to keep them clean and protected, and the design makes every installation a simple, one-man job. Regardless of PostWrap size, matching decorative trim kits are available; including bead moulds, base caps, crown moulds, and many others.

Palight Corners are designed with flexibility and visual appeal in mind. Both standard corners and corners with j-channels and nailing fins are available.

Fabricators: Expanding Your Customer Base Even FURTHER

Acquiring new business in challenging markets is a goal in any organization that wants to grow. One market you may not be thinking about at all is fabrication!

By targeting fabricators with PALIGHT Trimboard, you can broaden your customer base significantly. Many fabricators love PALIGHT Trimboard because it’s easy to machine using many popular techniques, and because there are less voids than when working with similar materials.

See what a real fabricator had to say about PALIGHT Trimboard:

“For the past decade, we have come to rely on Palight by Palram as our material of choice to produce architectural elements. Using Palight we have the peace of mind when we laminate several layers of material together to produce a thicker stock that we will end up with the actual thickness needed consistently. When using Palight we also have the confidence without measuring each individual trimboard that from skid to skid they will be consistent in density and dimensions throughout the entire skid.”

– Merv Zimmerman of Four Son’s Woodworking

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To order free samples of PALIGHT Trimboard, submit a request here. We’ll ship directly to you!

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