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WiseBond® Epoxy Systems

The WiseBond® Deep Pour epoxy is made for large 2” (or more) thick live-edge river tables, creative table making, wood slabs, wood turning, and object art casting projects. Our Made in the USA Deep Pour epoxy finishes to a crystal-clear water-like appearance. This epoxy formula is designed for a long cure to make it easy to work with and UV stabilizers ensure no yellowing and a long-lasting clarity. It has been engineered to be low-odor with a slow exothermic reaction to prevent cracking and shrinkage.

WiseBond® Bar & Table Top Epoxy is a super wet gloss epoxy for bar and table top epoxy coating. Pourable over wood and concrete countertops, it is a self-leveling high gloss finish epoxy that is UV stable for surface flood coatings. This thin pour epoxy produces a rich super gloss look and is typically used for a 1/8 in. thick finish coat for bar tops, tables, river tables and most any table, bar, or counter top surface. It can also be tinted with mica powders, dyes and alcohol pigments for stunning faux table and countertop restoration surface finishes.

WiseBond® Quick Set Seal is a medium viscosity, fast setting epoxy designed to seal live-edge wood slabs and coating porous substrates as used for wood table building. Additionally, it is useful as a quick patching material to fill small cracks, voids and blemishes. Time is money! This epoxy sets up quickly and allows you to keep on track and on schedule building wooden tables and furniture. No need to wait 24 hours after sealing your wood edges. Woodworkers love quick setting epoxy to seal live-edges preventing bubbles during their deep pouring and river table builds.

All of our epoxies can utilize powdered colorants, dyes, and alcohol inks to color the epoxy for amazing special effects adding vibrancy to any project where epoxy is incorporated.

Whether you’re an experienced craftsman making river tables for customers or just trying out some arts and crafts, WiseBond® has what you need, including a full line of epoxies, colorants, tools and accessories that ship directly to you from our factory here in Florida.

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