Your customers want it now – Here is how to exceed their expectations


An emerging trend on the rise for LBM dealers is investing in last mile third-party logistics providers.

Why? Customers nationwide have created a new delivery standard, and they want your lumber and building materials delivered now.

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Last mile delivery management software is a tool used to streamline the delivery process from beginning to end. And it greatly increases the performance and margins of your business when you can extend the reach of your brand nationwide. 

Tech tools such as automatic dispatch management, live tracking, delivery ETAs, and proof of delivery photos are emerging as a must-have.

And for our industry, it means everything. Construction and industrial markets need materials delivered on-demand. Because for builders and contractors, timing is everything to meet deadlines, get paid, find new customers – all while your reputation with them soars for being able to meet their demand for your lumber and building materials.

As more LBM dealers choose to invest in last mile delivery from a third-party to meet this demand, they are finding themselves with more time to do what they do best – selling lumber and building materials.

If you’re interested in last mile third-party logistics software, where should you begin?

Curri is like Uber for construction materials. You sell. We deliver.

We’re an all-in-one logistics platform helping LBM dealers move materials fast, reliably, and professionally. 

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The tech, priority delivery options, and most versatile fleet around

We created an easy-to-use interface where we like to keep things simple. You pick your priority delivery option depending on how quickly you need us to arrive to pick up your payload.

We have 3 priority delivery options for you to choose from. Rush, our fastest option where we’ll assign a driver right after booking, Same Day, where we’ll deliver your materials by the end of the day, and Scheduled, when you want to select a future pickup date and time for our driver to pick up your payload.

Then you pick your vehicle from our wide selection – cargo vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, stake bed trucks, flatbeds and so on. No matter the size of your payload, we can handle it with our versatile fleet. 

You’ll include the details of your payload and then Curri is on the way!

Our larger vehicles do require a quote. Just fill us in on the details and your quote will get worked on and returned to you within an hour so you can finish booking.

With our last mile logistics software, you get to enjoy the best tech tools around:

  • Automatic dispatch management
  • Pinpoint feature for jobsites without an address
  • Live tracking
  • Delivery ETAs
  • Photo of materials at the pick-up location
  • Photo of materials at the drop off location
  • Recipient name capture
  • Live chat 
  • Delivery history
  • Delivery reports

You can even give your driver specific instructions, like letting them know in the additional notes section they should call your customer at the dropoff location to announce they have arrived.

You’ll see where your materials are from the pick-up, middle-mile, until the very end. Curri makes you feel confident your precious cargo was delivered and your customers are happy.

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Curri Routes, the one and only

Curri Routes are full day commitments to a specific truck to serve your delivery needs. Routes can be one-offs or repeated, for 1 day or the whole week.

Hiring and retaining drivers has been a challenge for many. That’s why Curri offers the flexibility of “fill-ins” or to fully delegate its regular runs to contracted drivers. Curri covers wages, leasing, maintenance, gas and insurance. And if your usual driver isn’t available, we’ll line up another one. Exactly as promised.

By utilizing Curri, our customers have saved over 30% on operational costs, such as fleet insurance and maintenance.

No bots, just real people ready to help you

Found in our last-mile logistics software is the “Chat Now” button. Whenever you have a question, want an update or just need some peace of mind, one of our delivery operation specialists will respond to your message. And don’t worry, you won’t get a bot. We have real people behind the screen working to make sure your materials are delivered on time.

Like many LBM dealers who are investing in last mile delivery from a third party, Curri continues to invest in its high-level customer support.  

Delivery operations specialists ensure your cargo gets from Point A to Point B. They are available over the phone, email and live chat for all deliveries. Just pick your preference for communication.

Customer success associates work to meet the requirements for every delivery need and provide custom quotes. You can request a quote online or give them a call.

Unlike other options out there, we don’t hide our phone number or put up a wall of chatbots until you finally give up. 

We want you to always be able to talk to someone at Curri. Just give us a ring at (877)-772-8774. 

Cargo Insurance for your high quality materials

We know your materials are valuable to you and your customers. That’s why Curri ensures every delivery up to $25,000. 

No matter what “could” happen, if it does happen, we’ll always make it right. We can even provide more coverage if needed.

Get in touch with us

There’s other options out there, so we encourage you to look around. But we feel confident when we say we have the best support out there backed by intelligent software that’s easy to use.

Give us a try on your next delivery. 

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