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Brand Talk: Zip Systems sheathing and tape stands up to tough Florida climate

Revolutionizing Exterior Installations: By Huber Engineered Woods

Contegra Construction, Bramblett Hills Apartments, O’Fallon, MO.

Arthur Rutenburg Homes, Lyons Heritage, Tampa, FL.

Sheathing and Tape system
DeMetrick Housewrights, Steve Baczek Architect, Wakefield, RI.

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The hot and humid climate on the coast of Florida can prove tricky, when trying to keep moisture out of homes under construction. Add in the occasional hurricane and it can be even harder.

That’s why Stuart McDonald, vice president of operations at Generation Homes, switched to ZIP System® sheathing and tape more than two years ago, after wondering if there was a better way to manage onthe- job conditions. McDonald says that after inspecting their homes following a hurricane, the homes built with ZIP System sheathing and tape outperformed their counterparts that used a traditional OSB sheathing and housewrap, which is what the Jacksonville-based builder had previously used.

“We look at how products fit a total assembly, not just as a single piece,” McDonald said. “When we tried ZIP System sheathing and tape, we found that it really outperformed in a number of different areas.”

Generation Homes builds a variety of custom home designs on the coast of Florida. McDonald decided ZIP System sheathing and tape was a more durable, all-around roof and wall assembly option, for the company and its homeowners.“ZIP System sheathing and tape is the next generation of exterior wind and water-resistant products,” McDonald adds. “It has dramatically cut down installation time with the all-in-one water and air barrier.”

With a built-in water-resistive barrier that eliminates the need for housewrap and taped panel seams that form a continuous air barrier, ZIP System sheathing and tape has revolutionized exterior installations.

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